A few days ago I shared in a video how doubtful I was about growing watermelons in Buffalo, NY and how I was surprised to see them actually grow in our garden. Well one of the few watermelons grew to the size that you see in your supermarket. It appears, however, that we planted them [...]

A while back our neighbor Lisa, shared a link with me on Facebook on growing mushrooms. Of course I took it as a challenge and after doing some research I came to conclusion that easiest mushrooms to grow are white button mushrooms and portabella mushrooms. We will document our progress and hopefully our videos will [...]

When Jeanne planted several watermelons in the late spring, I was convinced  that we were wasting the valuable space in our garden. Of course I was proven wrong. Watch the video bellow to see how well our watermelons did as well as the rest of our garden this year.

Growing Potatoes In 5 Gallon Buckets

This summer, my wife Jeanne and I, have decided to experiment with growing potatoes in a 5 gallon buckets, the kind you can purchase from Home Depot or Lowes. We were inspired by the multitude of YouTube vidoes, however as you can see in the bellow video, our results are not promising at all. I [...]