I made this cake for a fundraiser for friend of mine. It was quiet easy. The cake is actually made from two cakes. Bottom is the 3/4 sheet cake and the top ribbon was baked in an Awareness Ribbon Cake Pan I purchased form my good friends at The Chocolate Belles. I really wanted to write [...]

The above pictured Hello Kitty cake I made just two days ago for a neighbor daughter's birthday, which was yesterday. The original plan for this cake was to make it using fondant, however as you can see from the picture above we ended up not using the fondant. As beautiful as fondant cake can be, [...]

Two weeks ago I baked a Christening cake for my friends and their little angle Ryan Alexander. I had to deliver this cake rather quickly since it was about 90°F outside and a 30 minutes drive seemed like several hours. If you ever attempt to transport a cake in such a heat, make sure to [...]

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