Cake Decorating

Two weeks ago I baked a Christening cake for my friends and their little angle Ryan Alexander. I had to deliver this cake rather quickly since it was about 90°F outside and a 30 minutes drive seemed like several hours. If you ever attempt to transport a cake in such a heat, make sure to [...]

As strange as it may be, chances are that if you want to order an Elmo Cake from your bakery, you will be told that they can't do it. Elmo, the character, is copyright protected. That was the case with a friend of my who wanted the Elmo cake for her 3 years old. So [...]

I made this cake for my nephew for his 7th birthday. As you can tell my nephew is into race cars, so this year we have not only decorated his bedroom accordingly, I have decided to surprise him for his birthday with a special cake. The cake is not hard to make at all, if [...]

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