The Chickens Are Coming, The Chickens Are Coming!!!


Our Cinnamon Queens

I have planned to write this post a long time ago. Before actually got  our chickens. Yet as always, things have gotten in the way.

If you are on of our friends that may still be wondering if this is a joke, I assure you it’s not a joke and we are proud owners of 5 chickens! If you still don’t believe, feel free to visit us in Buffalo. And yes, you can have chickens in Buffalo, as well as many other urban areas.

But let me take you back to the time when the idea of keeping chickens entered my into head.


Eggs by my mom’s chickens

Back in February I took a trip to Ukraine. While there, I helped my mom with her chickens. I can’t describe the feeling I had when I went into the chicken coop to look if chickens laid any eggs. And sure they did – there were about 8 eggs just in one nesting box! It was pure euphoria to see those eggs in the nesting box! Strange how things change over the years. Growing up in Ukraine, things like that were my every day chore, but of course I would have rather played soccer with my friends instead.

After collecting the fresh eggs, I posted the picture of those eggs on Facebook teasing my wife that perhaps in addition to a garden, we can also have backyard chickens.

Easter Egger Dee

Our Easter Egger Dee

Fast forward 4 months. We currently have 5 chickens, one a two year old Easter Egger named Dee, and four 17 weeks old Cinnamon Queens – Cacciatore, Parmigiana, Cordon Bleu and Marsala – although I am sure my wife has named them differently.

Dee, whom we got from a good friends, is the only one laying eggs for now. She lays an egg every two days.  The Cinnamon Queens still have a week or two before the start laying.

So far it was fun experience. If you are interested to know more on how to start your in an urban setting please stay tuned to this blog. In the upcoming posts I will share with you some of the steps to consider if you want to keep backyard chickens in Buffalo, NY. Of course if you are already a “seasoned” backyard chickens keeper, feel free to comment or critique on things I am going to write about.

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Fr. Vlad Zablotskyy
Fr. Vlad Zablotskyy

Fr. Vlad Zablotskyy is an Orthodox Priest serving Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Buffalo, New York. Fr. Vlad also enjoys cooking, baking, gardening and fishing. He and his wife launched this blog to share their cooking, baking, gardening and even small farming :-) with the world!