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The Slat UndergroundShortly after moving to Buffalo, a friend introduced us to the wonderful world of infused and flavored slats. Today we are happy to announce the lunch of our very own website called “The Salt Underground“. What is this website about? First and foremost, our website is an online retailer of all sorts of slats and seasonings. At the debut we are offering 9 different verities of Falksalt – a wonderful brand of sea salt crystal flakes. We will also use the website’s blog section, to share some recipes and ideas on how you can incorporate the salt into your own recipes. In addition we have created a Facebook page and YouTube channel to help us to spread the word about the products we carry.

P.S. Our favorite salt so far is Wild Garlic Salt by Falksalt – stay tuned for the upcoming video on how you can use this salt to make quick and easy garlic bread.

Meet the Author


A wife of an orthodox priest, a chef, a baker and a homemaker. You can find my cakes at Blue Rose Desserts and The Salt Underground is also my idea.