Hello Kitty Birthday Cake


The above pictured Hello Kitty cake I made just two days ago for a neighbor daughter’s birthday, which was yesterday. The original plan for this cake was to make it using fondant, however as you can see from the picture above we ended up not using the fondant. As beautiful as fondant cake can be, you are limited to what kind of filling you can use for your cake as you cannot refrigerate the fondant. The cake was very easy to make, with the right tools that is.

I got my Hello Kitty Cake Pan from my friends at the Chocolate Belles. Unfortunately it was the last Hello Kitty cake pan they had, but I hear they will restock it again soon. I will update this post with a link to the page on their website as soon as they have the pan in stock again. Meanwhile you can buy the cake pan at Amazon. This cake pan is made by Wilton and will most likely come with decorating ideas and instructions.

Depending on the numbers of guest, you may want to set your “Hello Kitty” portion of the cake on a larger round or square cake.

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