Monster Cupcakes Can Lighten Up Any Party

In my little nephew’s school, whenever one of the kids celebrates a birthday, they bring cupcakes to treat their classmates. My sister decided to bake him “Monster Cupcakes” this year, and from what I understand they were a hit. So much so that we may be baking a batch for a graduation party. My sister got the idea from Disney Family Fun website, they used to have a video showing how to make them, however we did not quiet follow the instructions and put our own spin on the idea.

All you need is to bake your favorite cupcakes. The “fur” decoration was done with a grass decorating tip 233 using butter cream icing. The little feet are made of marshmallow circus peanuts bars, one bar makes two feet when you cut it in half. For the antennas we used red liquorice and the eyes were made out of mini m&m’s.

We made 15 green monster cup cakes and 15 blue ones:
Green Monster Cup Cakes
Blue Monster Cup Cakes
Here ere are few things you might need to make the monster cup cakes:

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