The Red And White Daisies Cake: Butter Cream Icing With Fondant Accents

About two weeks ago I made a cake for a friends niece’s 15th birthday. The cake was decorated with white and dead daisies and a red ribbon made out fondant. The flowers on the cake topper were made out of fondant as well, accented with red tulle. The cake required 89 white daisies, 60 small red daisies, 20 flowers for the cake topper along with about 8 feet of fondant ribbon.

It took me about 5 hours to make the flowers and the cake topper. To bake, assemble and decorate the cake required another 4.5 hours.

Although fondant cakes look great, the assembling and decorations needs to be done the last minute as fondant can not be refrigerated.

The Red And White Daisies Cake

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