Elmo Cake

As strange as it may be, chances are that if you want to order an Elmo Cake from your bakery, you will be told that they can’t do it. Elmo, the character, is copyright protected. That was the case with a friend of my who wanted the Elmo cake for her 3 years old. So to help her out I decided to bake the cake myself (see the picture below). It was a breeze to make this cake with a Wilton’s Elmo Pan cake, you should be able to get this pan at your local baking supply store, or you can order it from Amazon. And as of matter of fact, most of the decorating was done with the tip #32.

When coloring the icing, you should be very careful not to put to much color. It is always better to add more, because it is hard to fix if you add to much color. Just use the tooth pick dipping one end into the coloring and adding one little drop of die at a time.

The inside of the cake is only limited by your imagination. If my memory serves me well, the cake in the picture was a chocolate cake. All the decorating was done in icing.

Elmo Cake

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