If you never tried to cook with buckwheat before, I urge you to try it at least once. Buckwheat is very popular in Easter Europe, particularly in Ukraine. Bellow is the video that my husband and I made for Orthodox Christian Cooking Show. To see the full recipe and cooking instructions for these most delicious [...]

Roasted Veggies Made Easy!

We were blessed with the abundant crop from our garden this year. So much so we can not keep up with eating them! After roasting and freezing them, you can enjoy wonderful roasted vegetable way into the winter. I doubt very much that will happened with us. Most likely they will be gone by the [...]

It all started when my sister Christine, suggested that I participate in a contest at Real Women of Philadelphia. Unaware what exactly this contest was about, I signed up, created my profile and made a video to submit it along with my recipe (see bellow). Right from the beginning I managed not to notice one [...]

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