Christmas Candy Making Fun: Gingerbread Boy With Candy Cane

Chocolate Gignerbread Boy with a Candy Cane

Chocolate Gignerbread Boy with a Candy Cane

Are you looking for a new fun project for you and your kids this holiday season? How about some candy making? Our friends at The Chocolate Belles have produced number of YouTube videos with some very cute ideas. Watch the video bellow to learn how to make the cutest Gingerbread Boy chocolates. For this project you will need some candy canes (abundant this time of the year in your local stores), some M&Ms or similar candies, gingerbread boy mold for chocolate, some melting chocolate (you can get some Merken’s Compound from The Chocolate Belles). To make it easier to work with the melted chocolate you can also get some squeeze bottles for chocolate. Enjoy the video and let us know if you have tried this project with your kids.

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