Blue Awareness Ribbon Cake

Blue Awareness Ribbon Cake

Blue Awareness Ribbon Cake

I made this cake for a fundraiser for friend of mine. It was quiet easy. The cake is actually made from two cakes. Bottom is the 3/4 sheet cake and the top ribbon was baked in an Awareness Ribbon Cake Pan I purchased form my good friends at The Chocolate Belles.

I really wanted to write something on the cake, but ran out of space and time. The cake still turned out pretty good and I hope it helped my friend with his fundraiser.

If you have made any cakes recently and have some pictures online please leave a comment bellow and let me know where I can find them.



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A wife of an orthodox priest, a chef, a baker and a homemaker. You can find my cakes at Blue Rose Desserts and The Salt Underground is also my idea.

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